Join the team!

Before applying, please make sure to an understanding of what the ROM hack template is and what is trying to be accomplished. This is not your typical ROM hacking team and we will not be using all of the same tools that are currently available. Some information is available here:

You may have noticed that you can’t register for this website. That is because this website is mainly a way for team members to collaborate.

I have decided to start this team because I have many great ideas that I simply won’t be able to get done on my own. The goal of this team will be to Produce ROM hacks and ROM related projects.

Currently I am looking for anyone willing to join. I will work with and teach people as needed. There are currently many ways to contribute to the team.

I have a few ROM hacks planned currently. Also there are ROM hacking projects being worked on that need programmers/advanced ROM hackers. People that know multiple languages are needed for translating posts and ROM hacks. There’s plenty of things to work on for people of different experience levels.

The private forum is intended as a way to collaborate with other team members. You can suggest ideas and contribute to any of the different projects being worked on by the team. If you have your own idea for a ROM hack or anything you can bring it up with the team.

If you’d like to join please fill out the form below. I will then review what you entered and respond by email with any followup questions. Once approved to join the team, an account will be created for you on the site.